The design was to limit the travel of the nose wheel servo on a model helicopter, because the rear undercarriage was driven from the same channel of the TX the adjustment could not be done by the TX, the nose wheel servo was enclosed in the fusealage and could not be accessed for easy adjustment.
Undercarriage Limiter v2 picture The circuit uses a PIC 16F628 running at 4Mhz with very few external components. It uses an input pin Port B0 to detect the pulse from the receiver and then limit the pulse before re-generating the pulse on pin Port B3.
Of the DIL switches, only Port B7 & B4 are used.
See Picture of the switches, no.1 is at the top
1. Programming mode
4. Servo Reverse 
Parts List:
VR1 = 47k Ohms
C1 = 0.022uF
C2 = 22pF
R = Resonator 4Mhz
R1 = 18 Ohms
R2 = 270 Ohms
Z1 = Zenner Diode 5.1v 1.3w
SW = DIL switch 4 way

Setup Instructions

Set pots to middle positions, set switch 1 on, power up, using an insulated screwdriver adjust the left pot for low position and right pot for high position, when happy with servo travel move switch 1 off. Apply servo reversing via switch 4 if required.

Suggested using some hot melt glue over switches to stop them moving due to vibration (pots are only active when switch 1 is on so any movement to their settings will be ignored)

Circuit Features

The +ve voltage is limited to 5.1v by the zenner diode just incase more than 5.5v was available from the RX batteries.
The pots are suseptable to stray capacitance, if you try adjusting them using an non-insulated screwdriver the settings will change when you remove the screwdriver from the pot.
The PIC was programmed using PICBASIC complier
to view the BASIC program listing click this link
Circuit diagram